miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014

2014-08-12 Shoreland static cycling

Today I chose a nice gym to do sime static cycling, much better than the gyms you can see around

2014-08-10 Aptos Fire Road

So here we are !!!! First ride in California. I chose Aptos Fire Road for several reasons: I wanted a long and constant climb, scenery and did not want to go to hot spots like Demo or ELCDM after so many months off.

Amazing to drive 8 miles or so among redwoods. Even if it is a "young forest", it is really worthy. I only stopped once to take these pictures but there is a lot to see in every bend.

Once in Sand Point I continued up to demo forest, just to take a look, since clearly I am not fit enough for doing the two rides the same day. But I could meet a nice rider who explained me quite a few interesting things.

Good test for the carbon knee armour !! It was an overkill to climb 9 miles with that thing on, but definitely it does the work and will be useful in the near future.

Resting with my bike inside a Redwood Tree !! Mosquitos and ants are the same XXXL size so it was a short pause.

Following the tips received I took beacon single track but I was quite tired and lacking coordination so I decided not to tray the longer single tracks. Therefore not much more to explain about the fired road downhill, since it even did not have waterings to play with....Good enough for my first ride !!!

The forest is amazing ! Good for hiking, running, biking.... for hiking far into the forest it may be a good idea to start walking from the latest parking since it is a slow and long ascend. Nature is crazy and big here. Insects, plants, trees, creeks...